Ariel Winter's legal drama is messy and sad

Ariel Winter's legal drama is messy and sad

'Modern Family' star's mother fights her in court.

Ariel Winter is fantastic on ABC's Modern Family, but her own modern family situation is anything but great. In fact, it's turning into a nightmare for the young actress. Winter's mom and sister are now fighting for who gets custody of her, since she at 14 is still very much a minor. To say the mudslinging in this case has been plentiful is an understatement.

Hopefully things will be resolved in court, so Ariel and her family can move on. This young lady has such a bright future ahead of her, and it would be a shame to see this situation drag out indefinitely.

Summarizing what's happening in the Ariel Winter family drama is a tall order, but I'm going to try. In a nutshell, there's a ton of finger pointing and blame going around. A lawyer for Ariel's older sister, Shannon Gray, claims that Ariel's mom, Chrisoula Workman, is abusive.

She's dressing the girl up to look like a Hollywood vixen and even refusing to feed her. But the most serious allegation involves alleged physical abuse. The attorney, Michael Kretzmer, told a judge, "The child is, apparently, slapped, hit, pushed – not so as to leave marks." He added, "Mother is smart enough not to do that."

In contrast, Chrisoula Workman claims that Ariel Winter made up the abuse claims because she was furious with her mother for not letting her date an older teen, actor Cameron Palatas. Workman claims she discovered the two in bed together. Palatas' mom told People magazine the "allegation is unfounded."

What a mess, right? So, who is telling the truth? Mom claims that her daughter is merely acting when she alleges she's being abused. Daughter thinks mom is out of her mind. Sister wants custody. Again, hopefully the Ariel Winter court drama will end well for all concerned. This kind of attention is most definitely not the kind that an up-and-coming young Hollywood actress needs!