Joe Simpson divorce scandal stuns family

Joe Simpson divorce scandal stuns family

Is Jessica Simpson's dad gay?

Jessica Simpson has made plenty of tabloid headlines over the years, most recently as she struggles to lose her post-baby weight. But it's Jessica's father and manager, Joe Simpson, who's grabbing the headlines these days. Why?

Joe Simpson's wife of more than 30 years, Tina, has filed for divorce, and rumors are running rampant that Joe is actually gay. Not only that, he's supposedly involved in a relationship with a man -- but was he while these two were married? Hopefully not.Look, I have absolutely NO problems in the world with Joe Simpson being gay, straight or otherwise. But I do feel for the family because of the divorce, no matter what the reason. If Joe Simpson is gay (and tabloids suggest this, though he hasn't said one way or the other), more power to him. I hope that this divorce will allow him and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Tina, a shot at true happiness in life.

This could all be crazy tabloid rumors, or maybe not. Usually with this sort of thing, where there's smoke, there's at least a little spark of truth. Supposedly The National Enquirer is out with a hot new issue filled with all of the sordid Simpson family details. Shocking, right? It's hard not to feel for the kids when this sort of thing happens. Just because they're adults now doesn't mean that this won't be tough for Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

As for speculation on how, and if, this will affect Jessica Simpson's billion dollar fashion empire, that's lame: Of course it won't. But I do hope that everyone in this family takes time to work out whatever they need to work out, so they can all remain close in the future.