Is LeAnn Rimes having yet another meltdown?

Is LeAnn Rimes having yet another meltdown?

Singer cancels first show of new tour because of dental problems.

LeAnn Rimes might just be the biggest drama queen ever, or at least in the running for the title. Just months ago, Rimes was embroiled in a huge Twitter fight with a fan -- one that led, ultimately, to a stint in rehab for stress problems. Now a supposed dental emergency has sidelined her first planned show since the meltdown.

This all begs the question: Is LeAnn Rimes still off the rails? Is she having another (very public) meltdown?LeAnn Rimes has a gorgeous voice. No one can dispute that, even if you're not a country music fan. The woman is seriously gifted. Unfortunately, she's also gifted with the ability to stir up trouble virtually wherever she goes. The latest drama involves LeAnn rescheduling the first show in her planned tour because of a "massive infection." Apparently it's dental-related.

Ouch, right? Anyone who's ever faced a dental emergency knows: It can be excruciatingly painful. Things can go from bad to worse so quickly, you're in the ER begging for pain pills before you know it. That's apparently exactly what happened to LeAnn Rimes over the weekend.

LeAnn issued an apology to her fans, explaining the situation and stressing that the Friday night show in Wendover, Nevada, "will be rescheduled." She later wrote that she was recovering well, despite the trauma, adding that the "...last 10 months of pain are hard for me to wrap my head around."

Wait, what?! Yes, dental problems and infections are extremely serious and could certainly sideline anyone at any time, including LeAnn Rimes. But does she mean she's been dealing with the same dental problem for 10 months?! If so, girlfriend really needs to find a new dentist. It's a bit of a stretch to believe that a problem this major went on for so long. LeAnn's a big-time celebrity: She probably has big-time specialists, right?

All of this brings me to the possibility that LeAnn Rimes is still having some anxiety and stress problems. She isn't ready, just yet, to face an audience in a live show. It's just a theory. What do you think?