LeAnn Rimes sits down with Katie Couric

LeAnn Rimes sits down with Katie Couric

Has the troubled singer finally turned a corner?

LeAnn Rimes is having a difficult year, to say the least. Over the summer, the country songbird checked into rehab. Reportedly she underwent treatment for major anxiety issues. Everyone was concerned about her well being, and for a while, LeAnn was off the map completely.

That's about to change: This week, LeAnn Rimes is sitting down for an interview with none other than Katie Couric. She's expected to talk at length about what's been going on, and no doubt she'll explain that she's better now. But is she?Hopefully, LeAnn Rimes received the treatment she needed for her issues. In August of 2012, LeAnn officially entered a month-long, voluntary rehab. Why? She was stressed out, in a major way. Everyone copes with stress differently, and in LeAnn's case, she wasn't coping well at all.

LeAnn Rimes really stirred things up when she had a very public affair with actor Eddie Cibrian. Since then, Eddie left his first wife, Brandi Glanville, and married Rimes. When things like this happen, it opens up a whole world of nastiness, and LeAnn tells Katie Couric she felt every bit of it. She says she's doing better now and wants to wipe the slate clean, adding that she feels like she's "starting over."

A fresh start at the ripe old age of 30? Yes, I'm being facetious. I sincerely hope that LeAnn Rimes' relatively short stint in rehab helped her learn some better coping skills. She may want a fresh start in life, but there will always be naysayers who are quick to judge. If LeAnn wants a happy marriage and career, she's going to have to develop a really thick skin. Celebrities, like it or not, are under the microscope 24/7.

Anyone else planning on watching LeAnn Rimes on Katie Couric's talk show (Thursday) or on 20/20 (Friday)? Do you think she's doing better now?