Lindsay Lohan's nightclub brawl: Will she ever be OK?

Lindsay Lohan's nightclub brawl: Will she ever be OK?

Actress punches psychic over boy band member.

Sometimes, the headlines just write themselves. Take this week, for example, when tabloids far and wide were quick to report that Lindsay Lohan punched a woman in a New York City bar. Why, pray tell, did Lindsay allegedly throw a punch at an unsuspecting patron inside a club? What could possibly set the actress off so much that she felt the need to throw a mean right hook?

Get ready for this: Lindsay supposedly flipped out because she was jealous over a boy band member. Yes, Hollywood's biggest hot mess went bonkers on the East Coast because she wanted a member of The Wanted. If you're not familiar with The Wanted, let's just say they're up there with One Direction (almost) in terms of teens. Why, Lindsay?

Here's what went down, according to TMZ: Lindsay Lohan at some point decided she had the hots for The Wanted singer Max George. She hit up the band's show on Wednesday night. They opened, by the way, for Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden. After the show, Lindsay met up with Max and his fellow band members. They went clubbing, ultimately ending up at the swanky Avenue nightclub together.

That's when things got weird. TMZ says that Lindsay Lohan got "sloppy drunk" and that really "turned off" Max George. Max wound up talking to another woman, briefly, and Lindsay didn't like that one bit. Never ignore a crazy drunk actress! Lindsay then reportedly punched the woman, later identified as psychic Tiffany Mitchell.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested, Max went home with another woman and Tiffany Mitchell wound up with a pretty sore face, one would imagine. When will Lindsay get it together? The short answer, I'm almost sure now, is never. I predict that she'll dominate tabloid headlines in 2013, too. The girl is a wreck, and she's got to stop drinking!

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will ever get her life together? Why, or why not?