Sam Lufti's defamation suit against Britney Spears' parents dismissed

Sam Lufti's defamation suit against Britney Spears' parents dismissed

Judge threw out civil suit, not surprisingly.

Anyone who has followed the defamation lawsuit brought by Britney Spears' former manager, Sam Lufti, against the singer and her parents can tell you, this week's big news isn't surprising. What happened? The judge in the case essentially tossed out the suit. In other words: It's over.

The whole case was stinky from the beginning, as far as I'm concerned. Lufti seems like a sleaze, and he seemed desperate to make money no matter what the cost. I think he'd say or do just about anything to get what he wanted. Apparently, the judge in the case agreed.Sam Lufti made a lot of crazy claims. Among other things, Lufti sued Britney Spears and her parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, claiming he was owed money for a breach of contract. He also claimed that the Spears' parentals defamed him, smearing his good name (not that he actually *had* a good name to begin with). If you've read Lynne Spears' memoir, you know she's not easy on Lufti. In fact, she pretty much claims he's at least partially responsible for her daughter's very public meltdown.

On Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera threw out Sam Lufti's case, citing "insufficient evidence." Bruguera then told the court, "I thought long and hard. It's the right thing to do, so I am going to do it." Amen!

Does this mean the Spears' legal battle is over? Not quite. There's still the not-so-little matter of Sam Lufti and the lawsuit and the court fees to deal with, and Lynne and Jamie Spears might just come after him soon. One report suggests that the Spears family will definitely file a lawsuit against Lufti to try and recoup some legal fees. I don't blame them one bit. I hope they take him for everything he's worth, which isn't much!