Sam Worthington's Atlanta meltdown: What happened?

Sam Worthington's Atlanta meltdown: What happened?

Yet another example of stars behaving badly, that's what!

I get that actors have big egos, and to some degree, I understand why. When one chooses a profession where one is constantly judged and under the microscope, it's important to have the confidence necessary to shine. That being said, I have zero tolerance for celebrities who, no matter how talented they are, act like idiots.

Avatar actor Sam Worthington is, unfortunately, the latest example of an idiotic, misbehaving star. His meltdown outside an Atlanta, Georgia, bar is pretty epic. No, it's not quite on par with Gerard Depardieu's decision to urinate on the floor of an airplane last year, but it's pretty close.Here's what happened: Apparently, Sam Worthington is in Atlanta right now filming the new Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie Ten. For some reason, Worthington decided he wanted to go out, and he took a limo to the swanky Vortex Bar & Grill. When he pulled up to the establishment, the bouncer wasn't sure what to make of it, mainly because Worthington was wearing dirty clothes and *carrying* a pile of clothes. What?!  

Can anyone blame the Vortex bouncer for questioning whether Sam Worthington should be allowed in the restaurant/bar? Worthington reportedly went totally ballistic when the bouncer said he couldn't get in, and at one point, he even claimed he was a DEA agent (he plays one in Ten). According to TMZ, a very irate Worthington was also "drunk." The bouncer, identified as Jerry Link, exchanged heated words with the actor, pepper sprayed him -- and Worthington was eventually charged with disorderly conduct. Here's Worthington's beautiful mug shot. Lovely, yes?

Unfortunately, the charges against Sam Worthington were dropped early today because the bouncer didn't appear in court. He claims he didn't even know he needed to be there (really?). Here's the thing: Worthington got away with acting like a horse's behind, and throwing his celebrity around. He really needs to learn how to behave in public, because it's hard to respect an actor who is this much of a nut case.