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Slim Dunkin Murder leaves Atlanta Police Clueless

Arrest are pending further investigation

Atlanta police are still trying to determine what the disagreement was about that landed Slim Dunkin DOA at Grady Memorial Hospital. Dunkin was shot in the chest earlier this week while preparing to shoot a new music video. Police have differing versions of the actual event and events prior to the murder.

Arrest have yet to be made, awaiting police investigation. One of the problems that police investigators are facing in this investigation is a lack of collaborating facts. Even though slim Dunkin was shot in the studio in front of witnesses, witness accounts all seem to differ.

All of the witnesses agree that there was an argument and that it ended with Slim Dunkin being shot in the chest. Unfortunately, the facts that surround the argument just don’t seem to match. Additionally, the police have yet to recover a gun.

Police will continue the investigation until they have all of their facts straight. Unfortunately, the wheels of justice often turn slow. Police are apt to take the extra time that they need to have a concrete case that will be less likely to be torn apart by crafty defense attorneys. Though this may take longer in the beginning stages, it usually ends with a guilty verdict, making the long wait worth it in the end.

Slim Dunkin was said to be a young rapper with immense talents. He was certain to go far and become a huge success. Slim Dunkin fans and the music industry alike have suffered a loss.