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Katy Perry and Who? Singer's Parents Want Her to Date Tim Tebow

Katy and Timmy, sitting in a tree?

Katy Perry is still likely reeling from her divorce, but now, new reports say her parents are already trying to set her up with a new man. And this new man? He's the polar opposite of Katy's ex, Russell Brand. It's...wait for it...Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow! Wait, what?!

Katy Perry's parents are Christian ministers, and Tebow is probably the most famous Christian in America at the moment, but does this match make sense? And honestly, does Katy even want to date yet?Without getting into the whole Tim Tebow debate (and believe me, I'm well aware there is one and it's huge), are Keith and Mary Hudson, Katy Perry's parents, moving a bit too fast? I mean come on, Katy and Russell Brand just announced their split earlier this month (after just 14 months together). She pulled out of an appearance on the People's Choice Awards too - so it's kind of obvious she's not up for basking in the limelight at the moment. Are her parents really serious about setting her up with someone so quickly?

Not to mention how high-profile Tim Tebow is right now. Plus, he's got a playoff game to get through against the New England Patriots this weekend. I can't imagine his coach and teammates would take kindly to the distraction that is Katy Perry.

So here's a thought: Let's let the ink dry on Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce papers before we start playing matchmaker, okay? And another thing: Katy's parents really need to stop with all the press interviews. This is a deeply private, devastating time in their daughter's life - and it's personal. Time to support Katy and quit making the situation worse!