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Chris Brown Facing Robbery Charges?!

Fan says he stole her cell phone

Chris Brown is in trouble. Again. According to multiple reports, the singer allegedly snatched a cell phone from a fan (who was trying to take a pic) and then took off with it. That's robbery. And that, friends, could land Brown back in jail!

What in the world is this idiot thinking? After winning Grammy Awards and, very recently, recording a song with Rihanna, he goes and pulls a stunt like this one. As if people didn't already have enough reason NOT to like the guy...Here's the basics surrounding this latest Chris Brown incident: According to TMZ, a woman named Christal Spann claims she was trying to take a photo of Brown outside a Miami nightclub over the weekend, when (an angry) Brown took it from her and drove off. Spann filed a report with police, who are actively investigating the incident, which they're calling "robbery by sudden snatching."

This is very, very bad news for Chris Brown. He's still on probation, after all, for the Rihanna felony assault conviction. At this point police haven't filed any charges, but they sure could. Brown clearly has an anger management problem. No secret there. In fact, one of Christal Spann's friends claims that when Brown took her iPhone away, he screamed, "B**ch, you not gonna put this up on no website."

See? Anger issues. This is a fan who was simply trying to take a photo of Chris Brown. No harm, no foul. This was not some crazy paparazzi type who (frequently) draws the ire of celebrities for privacy violations. No, this was a FAN. If Brown is capable of doing this kind of rash, crazy thing to a fan who just wanted a picture, what else is he capable of? Oh, wait.....never mind. Got it: Felony assault (a far more serious crime, obviously).

Stay tuned. This case is definitely still open.