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Demi Lovato: Hotel Room-Trashing Rock Star? Hardly!

Former Disney star admits to wrecking hotel room

Okay Demi Lovato fans, I realize I'm going to take heat for this, but your idol might not be who she appears to be. In what I think is a bit of a shocking interview with a New York City radio station, Demi basically admitted, rather flippantly (IMO), that she once trashed a hotel room just because she could.

Demi Lovato is either flat out trying to seem more edgy, or she's stupid. Or both. Because to me, admitting something like this makes her look silly and very immature.Demi Lovato, hotel room-trashing rebel! The 19-year-old singing sensation admitted during a Z100 interview, "I break things." Good to know. She didn't stop there, explaining that she's "trashed dressing rooms just for the h*ll of it." Also good to know. Obviously this young woman has some serious growing up left to do. I realize she's had issues with drugs, bullimia and yes, cutting, and she's in recovery now, but really? This kind of admission just makes her look like she's trying too hard to be cool.

What is it with these Disney child stars? Demi Lovato, to be fair, has a very nice voice. Until now, I was willing to go with the whole "redemption" idea as she mounted a post-rehab comeback. Until now. Now? I just see her as troubled. Saying stuff like this looks bad. Pulling stunts like this makes Demi seem really disrespectful. I mean, really, people have to clean up your MESS. T

he days of trashing hotel rooms just to look edgy are long gone, hun. Time to get a grip.