July 2010

Let's Get Serious: Ground Zero Mosque, Lohan in Jail and McMillen's Victory

I joke around on this site a lot. I poke fun at celebrities when they're being stupid (which accounts for roughly 8 hours average of each day) and I ask you readers to join me as I point and laugh at our society's most ridiculous people. That doesn't mean I don't take certain topics seriously. There are a few things in the news today that deserve a little extra attention on the respectable side of the equation.

For The Record, "Barefoot Bandit" Is A Stupid Name

I'd be remiss if I didn't at least comment on the whole Colton "Barefoot Bandit" Harris-Moore story, even though it would just make this blog another media source that has piled onto this complicated and generally mishandled story. Traditional news coverage in America, being the idiotic dregs of our country's wanton middle brow-ism, has actually entertained the idea that some people see Harris-Moore as a folk hero or even a Robin Hood figure. Of course, those news agencies mostly mention Harris-Moore's prodigious Facebook following just so they can dismiss it like a bunch of middle class fuddy duddies in a 80's music video. In fact, the most shocking part of the Barefoot Bandit story is the way the story is being told and will likely be told in the future.

Attempting to Understand Twilight

According to my doctor as of my most recent visit to his practice, I am currently not and have never been a 13-year-old girl. Perhaps this is why I have never understood the appeal of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books or their movie adaptations. What's truly baffling, though, is that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around the pop culture frenzy that has washed over our nation about the series and remained for years. I'm not some closed-minded hipster who is blind to the appeal of things I personally don't enjoy. For example, I don't give a toss about Miley Cyrus or her Hannah Montana character, but I totally get why my 5-year-old niece is enamored with her. I'd also never put spinning rims on my car, though some part of me can sympathize with the desire to do so. After all, spinnas are shiny and toy-like. As a former child, I can see why someone would be compelled to attach them to his or her vehicle unironically. But the appeal of Twilight completely escapes me. Let's break this down, shall we?