February 2012

Chris Brown Facing Robbery Charges?!

Fan says he stole her cell phone

Chris Brown is in trouble. Again. According to multiple reports, the singer allegedly snatched a cell phone from a fan (who was trying to take a pic) and then took off with it. That's robbery. And that, friends, could land Brown back in jail!

What in the world is this idiot thinking? After winning Grammy Awards and, very recently, recording a song with Rihanna, he goes and pulls a stunt like this one. As if people didn't already have enough reason NOT to like the guy...

Whitney Houston's "Home Going" To Be a Celebration of Singer's Life

Funeral services set for tomorrow in New Jersey

Whitney Houston's death has rocked the world, and tomorrow, she'll be laid to rest in her home state of New Jersey, where flags were flying at half staff in memory of the phenomenal singer. If you want to catch the services, they will be shown live on CNN, beginning at 11 a.m. (EST).

Whitney's funeral is actually being called a "home going," a celebration of her life. The home going is expected to be a star studden event of sorts, with celebrities lining up to pay their last respects and to remember Houston, who died last Saturday.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Twice Her Age!

Hard partying takes it's toll on the 'young' star

Lindsay Lohan is young, though it might be easy to forget that fact. After all, she's been making headlines for so many years, it seems like she should be well into middle-age by now. Not so: She's 25 years old. Most of you probably knew that, right? Why on earth would I feel the need to remind you?

Because LiLo looks nearly twice her age in recent photographs. Maybe the lighting for the pics was all wrong...maybe. I don't think so, though. I think all the crazy partying Lindsay's been doing for years has finally caught up with her.

Jamie Lynn Spears Opens Up About Teen Pregnancy and Life With Baby

Britney's little sister is all grown up and looking to revive her career

Jamie Lynn Spears will turn 21 this year. It seems like just yesterday the then 16-year-old Spears dropped the huge bombshell that she was pregnant, doesn't it? Since then, Jamie Lynn has pretty much dropped off the radar, as she raises her little girl.

Years later, Jamie Lynn is looking back on that tumultuous time in her life and discussing how difficult things can be as a teen mom.