March 2012

Is Megan Fox pregnant?

Actress and hubby Brian Austin Green reportedly expecting

It looks like we might soon be able to add Megan Fox to the ever-growing list of Hollywood actresses who are pregnant. Reports say the 25-year-old and her husband, Brian Austin Green, are expecting their first child!

At this point, there's no official confirmation from Fox and/or Green, so let's just say this is huge tabloid fodder for the moment. But if it's true, what the heck is going ON in Tinsel Town these days? 2012 is becoming the Year of the A-List Actress Baby Bump watch.

5 Silly and Stupid Celebrity Arrest

Turns out they're not above the law

In honor of Russell Brand’s New Orleans arrest I have compiled yet another top 10 list of the stupid things that celebrities do, a list that specifically showcases the stupid things that celebrities do to get arrested. Celebrity arrests tend to involve stupid actions that the rest of us wouldn’t do in a million years, not from fear of being arrested. The rest of us just happen to have a basic concept of right and wrong.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand was arrested in New Orleans for grabbing a paparazzi’s cell phone and proceeding to throw the cell phone through a window. I’m certain it gets tiring to have the paparazzi constantly running behind you with a camera and therefore the desire to throw a cell phone through a window is understandable. That being said, there’s a big difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it.

Britney Spears in Court: Is She Finally Back on Track?

Conservatorship could be coming to an end

After four years, Britney Spears' conservatorship might soon be coming to an end. Everyone remember when this all started? Yeah, Brit Brit flipped out in 2008 and her dad, Jamie Spears, was appointed conservator of her finances. Britney's come a very, very long way since then, so hopefully she's finally back on track.

And, it seems, she's ready to take the reigns and regain control of her business dealings. Good for her!

'Twilight' Star Peter Facinelli and Wife Jennie Garth Divorce: No Cheating

Stars issue statement saying infidelity rumors are untrue

Earlier this week, news broke that actors Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth were splitting up after 11 years of marriage. That's sad enough, but even sadder? Media reaction to the break-up. Rumors began swirling almost immediately that cheating might be involved. Such is the cycle of celebrity news: The minute someone decides to call it quits, someone was probably unfaithful.

That's not always true. Garth and Facinelli issued a brief joint statement saying reports of infidelity are completely false. Good for them -- this is hard enough, I'm sure, without having to endure cringe-worthy headlines.

Kill Bill's Michael Madsen Picked up for Child Endangerment

Overworked, drinking and now assualt

Is Michael Madsen overworked? The reason I ask is that he has made it to the top of star news and not for the best reasons. Taking a look at his latest movie endeavors, he may want to slow it down a little before he really gets in trouble.

According to TMZ, Michael Madsen was arrested for felony child endangerment from his home. The defense has stated that the disturbance that resulted in the child endangerment charge developed after Madsen discovered his son smoking pot. Apparently a fight had ensued, the problem is that the police involved are saying that Madsen had been drinking. Considering that fact, makes you wonder if the entire incident would have been handled differently without the added alcohol.

Demi Lovato: Hotel Room-Trashing Rock Star? Hardly!

Former Disney star admits to wrecking hotel room

Okay Demi Lovato fans, I realize I'm going to take heat for this, but your idol might not be who she appears to be. In what I think is a bit of a shocking interview with a New York City radio station, Demi basically admitted, rather flippantly (IMO), that she once trashed a hotel room just because she could.

Demi Lovato is either flat out trying to seem more edgy, or she's stupid. Or both. Because to me, admitting something like this makes her look silly and very immature.

Nicollette Sheridan Took the Stand to Testify against the Creator of Desperate Housewives

What's really going on in Hollywood?

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry just may learn the meaning of disparate as he officially faces court charges from his pass misguided actions. Marc Cherry took reacted like a child on the set when Nicollette Sheridan suggested different lines. According to Nicollette Sheridan the lines that created a dispute between Marc Cherry and Nicollette Sheridan would have fit better into the Desperate Housewives scene.

Is Taylor Swift Dating Tim Tebow?

Two had a highly publicized dinner together earlier this week

Does Taylor Swift have a new boyfriend? And, if so, is that beau none other than Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow?! Taylor and Tim did enjoy dinner together the other night -- but does that mean they are a new couple? No, but the media sure wants them to be!

Think about it: This would be an ideal pairing. Taylor Swift has a pretty squeaky-clean image, as does Tim. Both are seeing their stars continue to rise, though Taylor (in my opinion) is far more likely to continue to have success than Tim is as a Broncos quarterback. Still, it seems like a very good match to me.