April 2012

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Spent the Weekend Together

Are they really just friends, or something more?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis continue to insist they are just old friends, but rumors surrounding the pair continue. Are they, in fact, way more than just buddies? The friends spent the weekend together, taking a trip along the gorgeous California coastline and that's got tongues wagging all over Hollywood.

Of course, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher did co-star together for years on the Fox comedy series That 70s Show, so it is possible they're just close friends who are enjoying a little time catching up via a nice weekend road trip. Anyone else think that something else is happening?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, a natural beauty without makeup

Posts makeup-free photo: seeking attention or proving she's just like us?

What is it with celebrities who post photos of themselves without any makeup on? It's fascinating to me, and I don't really understand why. Every week, it seems, we get a new headline and/or photo of Hot Celebrity Sans Makeup, and I always, I mean always, read/look/gawk. Do I secretly hope they look terrible, so I'll feel better about myself?

Probably not. I've reached the age where I'm pretty OK with how I look. You work with what you've got, after all. I suppose this is a question for a therapist, so for now, let's take a look at this week's makeup-free A-lister: Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Drew Barrymore spotted with baby bump

Actress still hasn't confirmed her pregnancy, but she definitely looks pregnant

As of right now, actress Drew Barrymore has not confirmed rampant rumors that she's pregnant. One look at recent photos of Drew tells the story, though: She's either gaining a bit of weight in a (very) specific area of her midsection, or she's expecting!

Drew Barrymore and her fiance, Will Kopelman, were followed by paparazzi as they enjoyed a little couple time together on Monday. The pair had breakfast at Little Dom's in Los Feliz, California, and then hit the streets. Call me crazy (it wouldn't be the first time, believe me), but I'm almost sure Drew is preggers. And to me, it sure doesn't look like she's trying to hide it!

P Diddy trespasser lives the Life


Quamine Taylor was picked up for trespassing in P Diddy's East Hampton home. This wasn't the ordinary trespassing situation. No, Taylor went all in and ate P Diddys food, drank from his bar and even went as far as putting on his clothes. Taylor has officially given new meaning to the term “crazed Fan”.

According to recent reports, Taylor hung out living the life for over 24 hours. While in custody Taylor admitted that he had been in P Diddy's home numerous times dating as far back as 2001. Taylor could be a crazed fan, a party boy looking to live it up in the real life or an up close and personal stalker, but either way, this story is a bit creepier than the typical trespasser.


Miley Cyrus says she's not anorexic

Star definitely looks leaner, but does that mean she has an eating disorder?

Miley Cyrus definitely looks thinner in recent photos. That, of course, has led to speculation that the singer and actress might be suffering from an eating disorder. Now, Cyrus is speaking out about the controversy, saying no, she doesn't have anorexia.

Cyrus is often photographed leaving the gym after intense workouts. She's known to be a fan of Pilates, which does shape a person up quickly, but just because she looks leaner, it doesn't necessarily mean someone is anorexic. Hopefully Miley's taking care of herself!

Ryan Gosling, a hero? The 'Gos' saves a woman's life!

Actor prevented woman from walking in front of a taxi

Do we really need any more reasons to adore Ryan Gosling? Yes, I think we do. Here's one: Gosling apparently saved a woman's life in New York City yesterday. And no, not by gazing at her with his hotness -- I mean he literally saved her life!

British journalist Laurie Penny says she wasn't paying attention when she stepped out in the street yesterday. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a guy grabbed her and pulled her out of the way of a speeding taxi. Penny posted about her experience on Twitter, saying that "guy" that grabbed her was none other than Ryan Gosling.